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Chief Kenneth M. Young was an instrumental leader of the Wexford Volunteer Fire Company from 1986 until his death in 2011. Organizational milestones that Ken helped achieve during his time as Chief include the construction of our substation on Babcock Boulevard, implementation of our live-in program, and many apparatus purchases. His crowning achievement is our new main station on North Chapel Drive for which the building is named in his memory. He worked hard with our building committee, and the Township of Pine to ensure that we ended up with a facility that would serve the community well long into the future.

Chief Young was a huge advocate for training and encouraged members to attain their training goals, and he was always looking for innovation that could help protect his firefighters and citizens of this community. In addition to his service with the Wexford Volunteer Fire Company, Chief Young was also an officer with the Northern Regional Police Department where he was an accomplished accident reconstructionist.

Most importantly, Chief Young was a family man, and the Wexford Volunteer Fire Company will never forget the sacrifices he made in taking time away from his family to serve the community.

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