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EN1 and TN1 at the scene of a vehicle fire on I-79.


The Wexford VFC responded to 93 calls in March. 54 calls were fire-based responses, and 39 calls were for QRS responses. Some incidents of note include a vehicle fire on the I-79 NB Wexford off-ramp in Marshall Township, a vehicle accident with entrapment in Pine, and a residential carbon monoxide leak in Pine. Our average response time was 6 minutes and 37 seconds, and a total of 29 members responded to incidents this month.

Here is our incident breakdown by major incident category for March:
  • Fire Alarm – 10

  • Fire – 9

  • Good Intent – 25

  • Hazardous Condition (no fire) – 8

  • Rescue / QRS – 39

  • Service Call – 2

TOTAL – 93

TRK crew goes to the roof at a commercial fire alarm in Ross Township.


Following the recent rope rescue of a tractor trailer driver suspended over a bridge in Louisville, crews decided to practice rigging highline systems, pickoff techniques, and patient packaging off of the aerial device. Members experimented with multiple types of systems to see which were the most effective and resource-friendly.


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