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228RESQ operated as RIT for a 3A residential fire in Etna.


The Wexford VFC responded to 155 calls in June: 104 fire-based responses and 51 QRS responses. Crews responded to a significant amount of storm calls in the middle of the month, as well as a number of structure fires into our mutual aid districts. Our average response time for emergency incidents was 7 minutes and 32 seconds, and a total of 32 members responded to incidents this month.

Here is our incident breakdown by major incident category for June:
  • Fire – 7

  • Rescue / QRS – 52

  • Hazardous Condition (no fire) – 16

  • Service Call – 24

  • Good Intent – 28

  • False Alarm / False Call - 26

TOTAL – 155

Firefighters safely removed a kitten caught in a storm drain.


In addition to weekly drills, several members completed Water Rescue & Emergency Response (WRER) in preparation for the water rescue capabilities of the new Rescue truck scheduled to be delivered in the coming months. Students learned self-rescue and shoreline rescue techniques, and the class culminated in a day on the Slippery Rock Creek in McConnells Mill.


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