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Updated: Jun 10

Residential fire in Marshall Township in early May.

Wexford VFC responded to 124 calls in May; 83 calls were fire-based responses, and 41 were QRS responses. Crews operated at 4 working residential structure fires this month in both the home district and in mutual aid areas:

  • Marshall Township - 1st due Truck Co. - garage fire that extended into the residence

  • Hampton Township - Engine Co. - exterior fire that extended into the attic

  • Shaler Township - Truck Co. - room & contents fire

  • Pine Township - 1st due Engine Co. - lightning strike that extended into the roof, ductwork, and living space

Other incidents include several MVAs, including one into a commercial structure, and a number of gas-related calls. Our average response time for emergency incidents was 7 minutes and 26 seconds, and a total of 29 members responded to incidents this month.

Here is our incident breakdown by major incident category for May:
  • Fire Alarm – 13

  • Fire – 5

  • Good Intent – 46

  • Hazardous Condition (no fire) – 6

  • Overpressure Rupture, Explosion, Overheat - 2

  • Rescue / QRS – 47

  • Service Call – 5

TOTAL – 124

Crews operate at a residential fire in Pine.


Four members attended the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy for Truck Academy I, which reinforced essential Truck Co. skills including search, victim removal, VEIS, ground ladders, forcible entry, and vertical/horizontal ventilation in live fire scenarios.


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